Why Many People Prefer The Moorings Naples Golf Course

Some people prefer living on a country club golf course in Naples that is more inland, whereas others want to be as close to the Gulf of Mexico as possible. As a general rule, if you have a country club membership at a location on the east side of Highway 31, it’s going to have many more waterways, trees, and vegetation. Those that are on the west side, especially those that are close to Highway 41, you will have far less vegetation and better views of the Gulf of Mexico. That’s exactly what you get at Moorings Country Club, a premier community that has some of the best real estates in Naples that are within gated communities. Here are some good Moorings Naples golf course information.

Why People Like This Community

A couple of the reasons that this is so popular is because it is close to the Gulf of Mexico, and is also close to many needed facilities. You are just a few minutes away from hospitals, schools, upscale shopping, and five-star luxury hotels where friends and family might want to stay while they are visiting. This particular facility has condominiums for sale, villas, and a multitude of single-family homes. They have a wide range of homes that are available, ranging from under $100,000 for a condo to about $6 million for some of their best homes that are for sale.

How Much Of The Membership Fees?

The membership fees begin at $36,000 which allows you to gain access to the golf course. If you just want to socialize, it has one of the more affordable social membership packages which is priced at under $10,000. The number of members is quite high, going all the way to a thousand or more. This is a lot of memberships representing people that want to play golf on this 18 holes par 72 course. Part of the reason that this works is that it is a smaller golf course, one that people can easily walk. It allows people to play the game very quickly, allowing more people to come on, making this situation much better than you would think.

Amenities That You Will Have Available

The amenities that are available include fine dining facilities, the golf course, and the incredible natural environment that has been incorporated into the landscape surrounding the golf course and homes. You can go for walks, jog, or even head over to the fitness center. All of this is available for members, whether you live at another facility, or if you live at Moorings.

Why Do People Like This Golf Course?

One of the reasons has already been mentioned. It is a small enough golf course where having limited memberships is not that necessary. Best of all, the landscape in all directions is going to feature water lakes, flowering marshes, palm trees, and many different types of natural vegetation. It is a beautiful walk, and that is one of the reasons that people love to play this game. Something is relaxing about golf, similar to meditation, as you try to get your golf ball into the hole at the green.

If you are looking for a single-family home that is priced at about $1 million, or condominiums that are about the same, you will have no problem getting a membership at Moorings, plus you may be able to find a home that is in your price range. If you haven’t been to this country code before, you are in for a surprise. It is one of the best in Naples, a literal diamond in the rough waiting for you to find it. It is one of the best places to play golf, especially so close to the Gulf of Mexico. You can contact realtors today to learn more about properties that are available, or simply sign up for a membership at Moorings.