When Lag is Good

You’ve been golfing for six months; the golf bug has bit you – you want to know the secret to a good golf stroke. Golf Lag.

Or, you’ve been golfing for 30 years; the golf bug bit you when woods had persimmon heads – you still want to know the secret to a good golf stroke. Golf Lag.

We’ve all heard the old sally, “Drive for show, putt for dough.” Well, you can’t putt for the dough until you are on the green. Every stroke counts and you just want to be on in regulation more often.

Your goal is a dependable, consistent swing up and down the bag. The problem is there are tens of thousands of articles and videos promising just that.

So, let’s discuss the solution. Natural golf lag.

  • Stop thinking. Thinking is for the driving range.
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Once you’ve thought it out. Develop the muscle memory.
  • Practice with purpose. The driving range is not about how many buckets of balls you hit. It’s about learning what each club does with your swing.
  • Your yardage is your yardage. Rory McIlroy may call for an 8-iron. If you need a 5-iron, hit the 5-iron.
  • Be cool. Focus on your next shot. Not, what got you here. A short memory does a golfer well. Do not let the 5 on the par 3 sixth hole ruin the rest of the front side.
  • Now, your mind is in a better place, but your swing still looks more Charles Barkley than Fred Couples. Let’s look at a few basics to help you get golf lag.
  • Take a few lessons. Let a trained eye point you in a better direction.
  • Record your swing. With today’s phones, anybody can get some video. After all the PGA you’ve watched on television. Seeing your own swing can be eye opening.
  • Before the swing, take your time to properly grip the club and address the ball. (Make sure your grips are in good condition)
  • Relax.
  • Take away, back, top, down, strike & through. (That was easy.)

Keep your head down. Take it back in one piece. Rotate your hips. Don’t sway. Load your weight. All these thoughts (and a thousand more) keep you from swinging freely. There is a swing concept which if mastered can free you to lower your handicap or win that Nassau. That concept is “golf lag”.

Lag is the term given to the club head position when your wrist is cocked at the top of the backswing. That position is maintained through the downstroke. The golf lag is released when you fire the club through the ball.

It is one thing to describe golf lag and another to feel it. Much has been written and videos produced on lag in the golf swing. There is a training aid, however, which will give you the feel of golf lag. Click here for Lag Shot Golf Reviews information.

Lag Shot is a whippy 7-iron which after a few strokes develops a natural effective swing. Once you have developed the feel with Lag Shot take your swing to your bag and develop the feel with your set. Your confidence will soar when you feel the game.